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Six Marketing Tips for Halloween

Six Halloween selling ideas for local Businesses

By the terribly nature of trick-or-treating, day is all regarding conveyance communities along.
Here are some fun ways in which to urge your local business in on the action.

1) Spice it up.

When the weather takes a cold turn, folks zero in on those pumpkin flavors (see: the pumpkin spice latte). Adding a seasonal giving (maybe pumpkin muffins or a pumpkin-spiced cocktail) to your menu can imbue your store with the day spirit.

2) Sharpen those carving skills.

Bring your A-game to those pumpkin-carving efforts. Venture off from the generic and instead do one thing associated with your business. If you’re a eating house, perhaps you carve out a caffe latte. If you’re a bar, perhaps you are doing up associate “I love beer” quote. think about things folks would possibly post on Instagram (hey, free marketing).


3) Nail it Up.

Spas and salons, it’s time to urge serious regarding Halloween-themed nail art. fill up on orange and black polish, and conjointly colors that go well with spooky costumes — perhaps blood red or glow within the dark. you may even take into account making a glance book of costume ideas with nail art to match. It’ll provide all those folks within the lounge some inspiration once they’re done reading “Us Weekly.”

4) Do’s that need to get done.

Marge, Elvira, Labyrinth Jim Bowie, day hair ought to be next level. If you’re a salon, attempt running a special for costume hair facilitate, so seriously fill up on hairspray and police officer pins.

5) Let the pets parade.

Just stating the apparent here, however folks love to decorate up their dogs. If you’re a dog walker, take a bunch pic of all of your canine purchasers in costume, so post it across your social media channels. dolled up pets square measure “Like” candy.

6) Get within the spirit.

Now is the right time to let your hair down along with your customers. If you’re a tooth doctor, perhaps you send a cheerful day email that includes vampires or zombies (with a tongue-in-cheek reminder to come back sure a cleaning). Chiropractors might post an image of a skeleton on social media with the message “Happy day, here’s to healthy spines!” If you’re a contractor, you may riff off of haunted-house themes.
Those square measure some ideas to urge your inventive juices flowing.

Happy Halloween!

6 Advantages of Digital Signage

6 advantages of Biyo Digital Signage that can help your business gain more exposure

6 Advantages of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a type of electronic display that is used to advertise and build awareness of new products. The images are displayed via LED, LCD monitors and may be projected as well.

This type of signage is usually found in hotels, retail and fast food outlets, airports and train stations, among other places. The content that is seen on the monitors is uploaded and controlled by computer using specialized software.

As an advertising medium, Digital Signage works so well because it strikes the perfect balance between subtly and “in your face”.

When compared to traditional print advertising and billboards, digital signage carries a number of benefits which include:



  • Reduced costs

While the initial outlay for the sign may be a lot more than what a print ad would cost the money that will be saved on printing costs further down the line.

  • Web connectivity

Digital monitors can be connected to the web which allows news feeds, Twitter feeds, currency updates, weather updates and more to be incorporated into the display. Blog post and video content from video sites such as YouTube and eHow may be included in the display as well. For example, in a doctor’s office a monitor could display general health facts and tips and feature real-time news RSS feed and weather updates.

  • Attracts attention

The advantage is that it grabs attention in a more subtle way – Whereas traditional advertising methods such as television, print and radio capture attention in a more direct manner.  The high definition displays combined with vivid colors and the ability to include elements such as news feeds and online video allows advertisers to break through the noise (associated with traditional advertising) and connect with customers.

  • Content is easily updatable

In addition to cost savings one of the great advantages behind digital signage design is the ability to update content at the click of a finger (or rather a mouse button). For example, a restaurant could utilize a series of digital menu boards that display different menu’s as the day progresses – i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Influence purchases decisions

When you take into account that most decisions are made in store, a digital display that uses a combination of high quality images and video can have a powerful influence on buying decisions.

  • Platform to showcase work

If you run an architectural firm for example, you could set up slide show to allow prospective clients to view some of your completed projects. People tend to trust peer recommendation over advertising and displaying projects you’ve worked on for others will promote your brand and reinforce trust in your services.



7 Tips to Convincing Retail Signage

7 Tips on Better Signage in Retail Stores

How Important is Retail Signage?

You’ve presumably seen poor signage decisions on the television, or on Facebook posts with pictures of terrible signage, or even in physical locations and you may have felt that you can tweak it to be an a much more convincing sign. All things considered, what would be a good idea for us to do about poor signage?

Glad you asked because some from the best sins in retailing are the absence of signage, their absence of identity and the confounding message they regularly pass on to clients.

Signage ought to be up front when you are making a window showcase or an item showcase. You don’t need a client looking at a hidden picture where they need to evaluate what you are attempting to offer them. Good retail signage tells clients what or why they are taking a gander at a determination of stock.

A great retail sign has to capture the customer’s interest enough to read it; just like a great email subject line gets someone to open it, a great headline in a newspaper gets someone to read it or a great magazine cover makes someone buy it.

Here are 7 tips to make convincing retail signage:


Be short and to the point.

We used to think it was tough to come up with an update for Twitter that was under 140 characters or to edit a YouTube video down to under two minutes. Attention spans have shortened even more – check out the new mobile sensation Vine where people create 6 second videos. Customers are in hurry; respect that.

Make sure the fonts you use are easy to read

Some retailers can get away with crayons on a chalkboard, but getting away with and driving sales are two different things. Clear font characters without curly-cues and multiple colors – let the customer’s attention first gravitate to your message and then to your product. If customers can’t quickly read it, they’ll move on. And as Baby Boomers age, smaller signs are harder to read.

State the customers’ reasons for buying your product or service.

What is the customer buying this for? To be a hero to his son? To look fabulous for a date? To have easy-to-manage hair? Then tell them, “Be a hero tonight with this.” “Make heads turn!” “Manage curly hair with this.”

Use the words you or yours.

Customers buy when they start visualizing themselves using your products. One way to help them is to incorporate the words you or yours. Notice how much stronger the above signs become with the addition of you or your. “You’ll be a hero tonight with this.” “You’ll make heads turn!” “Manage your curly hair with this.”

Less is still more.

A recent article in the WSJ said people were shortening text messages down to a of couple words, a couple of initials, or a single emoticon. We are all getting used to short, succinct messages. Edit your copy ruthlessly until the meaning remains but the fluff is gone.

Test your sign.

It’s fun to have a new sign on the top of a window display that you feel is perfect … until you notice it is too faint to be seen through your tinted window, or the font is too small to be seen by cars going 25 MPH. If you are on a busy street, have a friend drive by and tell you what your sign is about. If they can’t get it – edit, edit,edit.

Have fun

Boring signs are, well, boring. Remember, your goal is to grab a casual browser’s attention. Double entendres, puns and jokes are great ways to show you are a fun business. Yes, some people will say you’re not funny or whatever, but the bulk of your customers will appreciate it. They might even take a picture and post it on Facebook.

What to avoid?

Just like your merchandise, you don’t want to be generic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen retailers bastardize the award-winning California Milk Advisory board, “Got Milk?” into Got weeds? Got kids? Got bed bugs? You get the idea. Be creative.


Creating memorable signs that sell your merchandise is truly one of the most fun aspects of retailing. Using these seven tips, you can create retail signage that not only engages your customers but moves your product almost as well as your best trained salesperson.

Importance of Inventory Tracking and Stock Control

Importance of Stock Control

How important is Inventory Tracking?

Biyo Point of Sale Improves Inventory Feature

The imperativeness of stock control is apparent for any business owner or administration manager. It aides enhance production, productivity over your business, and quality control for your items. Biyo POS incorporates the tools vital for you to streamline the stock process and help your business grow.

The stock controls is incorporated directly with Biyo Point of Sale. It tracks item transactions, and Biyo’s inventory dashboard will adjust as per transaction. There’s additionally a choice to get low level caution notices when stocks are running low, and in addition stock administration for simple stock recording. Utilize the tools accessible to you to streamline the stock methodology!

Here are five reasons why the Biyo Point of Sale stock peculiarity would profit your business.

Reduce Theft & Losses

When you deal with your stock levels accurately, burglary and misfortune is recognized rapidly. You will know when you’re missing things focused around reports, and can track where that misfortune originated from. Utilizing the Biyo stock tracker and valuable activity logs will help you find the reason for misfortune, and help you discover simple answers for keep this later on.

Recognize What Products Sale

Recognize what your best sellers are so you can just have crisp stock. On the off chance that you offer ten times the measure of cold beverages than you do hot beverages, you’ll have to modify stock appropriately. Utilizing Biyo’s product use reports can direct your purchase process and stay up with the latest products.

Keep Products Stocked

Don’t miss deals because of out-of-stock things. On the off chance that a client comes in particularly for your reality well known item, you have to verify you have one to offer them. Utilize Biyo’s Low Alert Level warnings to realize what things are running low. When a base sum is situated in your once again of house, you will get an email each one time your stock goes underneath that sum. You’ll have true serenity knowing you are completely supplied and prepared to serve your clients.

Overstock Charges can be Costly

Use your money sagaciously. Discover a decent harmony between what deals and what needs to be requested. Don’t use tremendous measures of cash towards fixings that will be discarded because of termination dates.

Enhance Customer Service

When you have a strong understanding of stock, thing use, and item deals your client administration will yield positive results. Fresher items equivalents better administration, bringing about more content clients who trust they are getting the best. Use Biyo Point of Sale further bolstering your good fortune.

7 Steps to Surviving The Jump From Representative to Business Visionary

Turning into a fruitful business visionary takes more than an incredible thought and paramount associations (albeit both do help). Making the movement from the relentless life of a full-time representative to the eccentric universe of enterprise obliges a movement in outlook that numerous ignore. Indeed, a percentage of the work propensities you so deliberately sharpened as a decent representative don’t essentially make an interpretation of well into the universe of a business visionary.

As per the Small Business AdministFrom Worker to Visionaryration, just a large portion of new organizations will make due to see their fifth year. Changing from representative to business visionary can help you abstain from being one of those organizations that doesn’t make it. Here are seven tips for flourishing while conforming to life as a business person:

1. Figure out how to say no

As a worker in an enormous organization, you presumably got used to stating “yes” to all demands that came your direction. Truth be told, “yes” implied you were dependable and a cooperative person and that can-do state of mind likely earned extraordinary surveys from your administrator. Nonetheless, this methodology won’t get you far as an ambitious person. First off, with the time-pressed entrepreneurial calendar, consenting to and doing everything simply isn’t conceivable. However all the more imperatively, as a business person, you have to set the plan, not simply take after others’ wishes. Get used to stating “no” to everything except for your fundamental necessities.

2. Disregard flawlessness

Possibly you used to have a manager that required to get an undertaking as near flawlessness as could be expected under the circumstances. Alternately, there were unlimited rounds of modifications before something was prepared to go. While that may be the route at an expansive organization, a little business or startup won’t have the assets to get something to “flawless” and the entire idea of flawlessness isn’t conceivable at any rate.

As a business visionary, hairsplitting turns into a risk. The more drawn out you sit tight for each point of interest to be simply right, the slower your business will move. Concentrate on the high-affect, high-necessity things, and acknowledge 80% (here and there less) for everything else. As the notice at Facebook broadly says, “Improved is than great.”

3. Don’t be apprehensive about extend periods of time

Numerous individuals liken the entrepreneurial lifestyle with The Four Hour Work Week or logging in from a shoreline in Tahiti. While both of these may be conceivable, the normal business person regularly observes that he or she needs to work longer hours than over at the workplace. On a few days you may be exchanging the 9-to-5 for 9-to-midnight. This is the reason its critical to begin something you cherish. Furthermore recollect that you’re attempting to assemble your fantasy, not somebody else’s. You never need to commit more of a chance to tailing another person’s fantasy than your own.

4. Get prepared to wear numerous caps

As an organization worker, there’s somebody to call when the server quits working. Furthermore you most likely don’t ponder if the floor was vacuumed or the plant was watered. Yet, when you strike out on your own, you’ve now got to fill various distinctive parts… from technical support one hour to deals and promoting the following, and bookkeeping, actually cleaning. With this reality, you can’t stand to have an inner self. Before setting off on your own, inquire as to whether you’ll be open to wearing all these caps, including the short of what captivating ones.

TAKE A PEEK: Apps to Dominate Your Work Day

5. Adapt to the social disengagement

When you were working at an enormous organization, you may have griped tirelessly about your associates and directors. Then again, once you leave the workplace you may be shocked to find exactly how much you depended on Jane in bookkeeping or Mike in delivery for your social connection.

The initial couple of weeks of being on your own might be truly a stun, especially in case you’re working out of your home. Do what you can to battle this social detachment. Stay in contact with previous partners. Work from a cafe for a couple of hours. Discover an imparted office or collaborating space and go to heaps of nearby systems administration occasions.

6. Stick to a calendar

Is your new business generally self-ruling venture work? Is there no situated timetable in light of the fact that you’re building your startup from the starting point? As you make the move to working for yourself, attempt to keep your current timetable however much as could reasonably be expected. Being in control doesn’t mean you ought to dispose of your wake up timer or take four-hour snacks. Having some similarity of a calendar will help you stay taught and beneficial.

All things considered, numerous experts pick independent work on the grounds that they’re worn out on the strict and subjective timetable of the corporate world. So there’s no compelling reason to reproduce the same drudgery in your new wander. In the event that you require sooner or later toward the evening to deal with your children, walk your canine, or get outside while its sunny, proceed. No one but you can choose what sort of calendar is best for your business and your life.

7. Make a business fund

While accomplishment as a business person frequently comes down to attitude, there are a couple of pragmatic contemplations too. In single word… its money. You’ll be going from a salaried worker to pondering when your next weigh will come in. On the off chance that conceivable, before you leave your occupation, set away an ambitious person reserve with 3-6 month’s value of costs (maybe all the more, contingent upon the way of your new wander). Having a robust wellbeing net will permit you to center your vitality on building your new business, instead of stress over how you are going to pay the bills.

Approaches to Increase Business On Slow Nights (Restaurants)

Increase Business on Slow Nights“Most restaurants experience calms sooner or later in their advancement, yet just the ones that gain from it and act appropriately make the cut. So what would you be able to gain from these nights that can bring you through the inescapable good and bad times?”

Sadly, we can’t send you to the genuine article that shows up in this current month’s Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine.

As per the article, the inquiries identified with overcoming moderate nights are:

How would you expand business on those slumber nights?

Do you make exceptional menus?

Are forceful publicizing and coupon bargains the answer?

Do you have to increase your informal communication crusade?

Numerous restaurants simply accept that it is typical to have moderate nights and recently do nothing.

Others make forceful move to get “Imposes upon Seats.”

One method for getting supporters in on the moderate nights is to offer free suppers. That won’t be excessively productive.

You can explore different avenues regarding 10%, 25% or half rebates and perceive how that works.

Then again, you can attempt free brew, beverages, desserts or different specials on those moderate nights.

We can concur, maybe a half markdown is somewhat extensive. Then again, it will doubtlessly provide for you a thought regarding how the reducing trial will work in your business.

Possibly let your clients move a couple of shakers at the end of a dinner. 2, 3, 11 or 12 gets a half markdown. 7 gets a 10% rebate.

Marking down is not the most ideal method for drawing in clients. It does eliminate your benefits and in the end, clients will expect it. You additionally would prefer not to draw clients far from your full valued says.

You can have extraordinary nights for nearby organizations. Have a baseball night. Have a joint advancement with a nearby bread kitchen.

Perhaps have an exceptional night for the individuals who tail you on Facebook.

You might likewise need to peruse:

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or (for both Restaurants and Retail Stores)

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or the Quantum will show you:

How To Draw in Customers To Your Restaurant On “Slow” Days

PulseWallet is Now Biyo

After an incredibly eventful start to the year, we are still growing and innovating the payment industry in unprecedented ways. PulseWallet was a name that served us well in the short-term, but we have decided to take the company back to its roots with the introduction of our new name, Biyo.

Biyo is more than just payments. We are creating a network of users that are able to mitigate fraud, identity theft, and protect their assets and sensitive data by removing the barriers that made them vulnerable. Our mission is much greater than palm vein based payments, but we are tackling payments because we believe it will provide the most utility for the world. Biometric payments can be challenging for numerous reasons, but as people familiarize themselves with the technology, most would never think to look back.

We mark the introduction of our new name also with a new website. We hope that it gives you the answers you were looking for, but if not please feel free to reach out to us with more questions. Innovation is always a work in progress, and we always stay in tuned with what our customers are saying.

We will be providing many more updates soon, so stay on the look-out for more Biyo developments.