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After an incredibly eventful start to the year, we are still growing and innovating the payment industry in unprecedented ways. PulseWallet was a name that served us well in the short-term, but we have decided to take the company back to its roots with the introduction of our new name, Biyo.

Biyo is more than just payments. We are creating a network of users that are able to mitigate fraud, identity theft, and protect their assets and sensitive data by removing the barriers that made them vulnerable. Our mission is much greater than palm vein based payments, but we are tackling payments because we believe it will provide the most utility for the world. Biometric payments can be challenging for numerous reasons, but as people familiarize themselves with the technology, most would never think to look back.

We mark the introduction of our new name also with a new website. We hope that it gives you the answers you were looking for, but if not please feel free to reach out to us with more questions. Innovation is always a work in progress, and we always stay in tuned with what our customers are saying.

We will be providing many more updates soon, so stay on the look-out for more Biyo developments.