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World's First Biometric Palm Payment Solution Since 2011!

No wallets. No receipts. All you need is yourself.

Pay with your hand

As Unique as You Are

Biyo uses the unique vein patterns in your palm to create the most secure and convenient password that you never have to remember.

[Read more about palm veins]

Ease of Use, Peace of Mind

Security breaches and identity theft happen every day. It’s time to secure what’s rightfully yours.

[Read more about security]

Fast, Convenient, Green

Authentication takes less than a second, and you won’t have to wait for any receipts to sign. Easily keep track of your wallet and previous transactions online or on your mobile app.



Swipe your credit card as you normally would during payment at any Biyo merchant


Scan palm and enter your phone number to link it to your credit card for future cardless payments


That’s it! You can now scan your palm instead of swiping your card at any Biyo terminal.


Review transactions, loyalty points, and manage your wallet online or with our mobile app.

Manage your wallet

Use our mobile app or the online dashboard to add or remove payment methods to your account, view previous transactions, check your loyalty points, and more.

All in One

Biyo helps you manage your credit cards, reward cards, coupons, transactions and more…

Digital store your multiple credit cards, reward cards, coupons and more…

See what you purchased and where you purchased it from. No more paper receipts!

Track how you are spending, by day, week or month. Compare this to previous periods.

You easily help out your friend in need and transfer money in between accounts and sub-accounts.

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