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Frequently asked questions about biometric payments


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Palm Vein Recognition

What is palm vein pattern recognition?

Palm vein pattern recognition uses harmless near infrared light (think TV remote) to capture the pattern of veins in your palm. The technology looks for flowing blood, and is not affected by cuts or dirt on the palm to get an accurate reading. Furthermore, the sensor is contactless to ensure optimal hygeine. Palm vein patterns are secure because you can’t leave traces of your palm vein patterns like you can with fingerprints, and recreating a hand with flowing blood is practically impossible (not to mention creepy).

How accurate is palm vein pattern recognition?

The acceptance rate for a scanned palm vein pattern is 99.99992%. We use your phone number as a second factor of authentication to make sure that your data is safe. Think of your phone number as your username, and your palm as the password. You won’t have to worry about people creeping over your shoulders to steal your payment information.

What if someone cuts off my hand?

Firstly, we really hope that this won’t ever happen. However, even if someone, somehow, got away with sneaking a chopped off hand into any store, they wouldn’t be able to use it at check-out due to a lack of blood flow in the severed hand.