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Biyo FAQs

Frequently asked questions about biometric payments


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What is Biyo?

Biyo was founded in 2011 with one vision in mind: to use biometrics to enhance the security and convenience of every day life. With identity theft costing merchants, banks, and consumers millions of dollars every year, our goal is to eliminate fraud and revolutionize the payment industry by getting rid of all the barriers that makes payment complicated.

Biyo works by allowing you to link your credit cards to your palm at the point of sale at any location with a Biyo POS terminal. We use palm vein scanning to create a unique and secret password that gives only you access to your payment information.

What is Biyo Point of Sale?

Biyo is a point-of-sale register and biometric payment terminal that gives merchants the tools they need to grow their business while providing enhanced convenience and security at checkout for consumers. Biyo POS lets customers link their credit cards and other payment methods to their palms so they can leave their wallets at home the next time they shop.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment takes seconds and can be done at any store that uses Biyo POS. Simply go to the register with the items you want to purchase, swipe your credit card at the terminal to pay as you normally would, then follow the on-screen instructions to scan your palm. The entire process is 2 steps, and you’ll only have to register once to be able to use your palm at any Biyo POS across the US.

How much does it cost?

Biyo is absolutely free for consumers to use, and always will be. Merchants can either purchase or lease the hardware and software solution. More information is available on the Biyo Point of Sale page.

How fast is the checkout process?

Very fast. By using your palm to checkout, you won’t need to wait for a receipt, you won’t need to provide a signature, and you won’t have to enter your zip code to verify your payment card. The whole process is 20-50% faster than using a credit card traditionally.


Do I need a smartphone to use my Biyo wallet?

Although you can use our app to easily manage your wallet and view past transactions, it is not needed to register and use Biyo. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible while providing the easiest and most convenient checkout experience possible. All you need is yourself.