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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards Realtime Social Cloud-based

A cloud-based digital menu board is a smooth method for displaying your restaurant’s menu and publicizing your business. Attract clients, and provide for them a simple and outwardly satisfying approach to look at your restaurant’s offerings. Biyo’s advanced signage solution incorporates social media feeds for your walk-in customers or future customers that pass by your store.

Biyo considers constant changes and innovations, and it so innovative that you can change your digital menu board show from anyplace in the world.

You can utilize the menu boards to rundown your store’s specials, or give an element slideshow photographs of your restaurant’s dishes.

Digital Menu BoardsOur cloud-based digital menu blocks are both smooth and simple to utilize:

  1. Control and redesign your menu effectively. You can upgrade your menu things, pictures, and costs effortlessly through your digital menu board web entryway. Progressions will go live promptly.
  2. Synchronizes with your menu in the backend. Transforms you make to your restaurant’s menu in the backend will be consequently pushed to the digital menu board. The menu board invigorates at regular intervals, and will consequently identify and force changes made in the backend.
  3. Share social media feeds live.
  4. Let customers interact with each other in your store with the privacy of their phone.

Social Media Digital Signage
The advanced menu blocks works our Biyo TVs, which are accessible in a mixed bag of sizes. The television sets has implicit WiFi and a completely clear LED presentation for extreme convenience and visibility. Your television is joined with the cloud and might be controlled from a web browser–there is no requirement for extra fittings uniting the advanced menu board to your POS framework.

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