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Cafe POS

Keep lines moving. Customize orders. Connect with your customers.

Why Biyo POS is Ideal for Cafés

When you’re running a café, you need a cafe pos system that’s easy to use, allows you to train new employees quickly, and offers robust reporting including real-time tracking of sales information. Biyo POS satisfies all of these needs and more in an attractive, affordable package that is sure to get your café operating more smoothly and effectively in no time.

“They are real people who care about my business. They care about me getting the help I need, not just closing a job ticket. I can speak to them live, virtually any time. They are the best in the business.” Russel

Ring Up Sales

  • Train managers and cashiers in minutes
  • Streamline your checkout process to keep lines moving
  • Customize your button layout and change prices effortlessly
  • Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and add-ons
  • Print customized notes to the barista
  • Capture customer information for email marketing around promotions and events
  • Process transactions even when you’re offline, meaning you never miss a sale

Manage Your Business

  • Understand your profit margins and more with a wide array of reports
  • Keep track of the goods that go into your drinks, like cups and lids
  • Track the hours your employees work with time clock functionality
  • View sales by hour to align staffing with demand
  • Monitor real-time sales from your smartphone